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The Green Store

Aden Allotments

The Saturday morning shop has now closed for the season. It will reopen early in 2022.

In the meantime, if you would like to buy anything from the shop, please feel free to contact Gordon who will be pleased to help you. 

The green store sells a range of gardening materials such as compost and fertilizer. If you think it should stock something else just let the site manager know. The store operates as a service to members. Almost everything is sold at cost price. It is open every Saturday from 10am to 12 noon during spring. Outwith these hours you may be able to get goods from the site manager
Sand is also on sale. The sand is in the car park and costs £2 per barrowful. Help yourself and pay the site manager as soon as possible. Muck is at the east end of the site and is NOW FREE. Please note that the hardcore is not for sale. It's now possible to pay for your purchases using BACS. Just make sure to use your name and plot number as the reference.

Westland General Purpose Compost 60 litre 
Jack's Magic Compost 60 litre
Grow Bag large
Grow Bag Small
General Purpose Fertiliser 15:15:15 2 kg
Potato Fertiliser 14:14:21 2kg
Organic Chicken Manure 10kg
Bone Meal 10kg
Fish Blood and Bone 10kg
Slug Pellets large
Slug Pellets small
Sand barrowful